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Experience, practice, knowledge and clear insights into efficient and reliable program and project management are the elements of the excellent approach, service and products of topITpartners.

Worldwide top 500 businesses have put into practice what is offered here on this web site.
Now we make this available for other businesses and for you too!

About the company

We are a high performance company and provide you with excellent state of the art solutions in the following essential domains.

  • Strategy and tactical domain (corporate and IT)
  • IT Governance
  • Portfolio management
  • Methodology
  • Benchmarking
  • Program and project management (closed loop process)

We value reliability and provability. For this purpose we incorporate stochastic statistics in our program management approach. We can and will prove to you the reliability of the business case, schedule, in every possible state and for every report and additionally in a repeatable manner like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

>>> Latest news of August 24, 2009: Second generation of the closed loop process announced - click here

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