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Please find below the names of some of our partners.

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Introducing the partners

Jo Douven

Jo Douven

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+31 20 7173704  ext 368

Drs. Jo Douven

Domain: Program & Project management

Jo has a working experience of 30 years in management and IT. He is a social and organizational psychologist with a feel for technique and structure. Jo has worked in governement and financial businesses. He excels in communication and the translation of complex IT situations into clear and managable concepts for changing organisations. Jo turns every project into success and his mission is creating extra value for his clients.

Email: Jo Douven

Hans de Cocq

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+31 20 7173704  ext 262

Mr. Hans de Cocq

Domain: Program & Project management

Hans has a working experience of more then 35 year. Started with a few commercial Jobs moved over to IT in the mid's of 1980. He worked as a bank-director, CFO, special advisor and mathematics specialist for a Dutch government minister, researched thinking patterns, developed IT methodology for building and testing software, worked countless times as crisis and program managerment, co-developer of the closed loop proces for program and project management. Very pro-active attitude, if you want results and success you need a guy like Hans.

Email: Hans de Cocq

Jaap Blom

Jaap Blom

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+31 20 7173704  ext 256

Mr. Jaap Blom

Domain: Strategy & Tactics

A senior ICT program manager with more then 28 years of experience who leverages this experience in a practical manner. His strength is to combine all his knowledge and experiences in a no nonsense approach, result driven but with true involvement of all the people in the playfield from senior management, external parties to the team that is performing the real job.

Serviced a broad range of Banking Business functions like: Mortgages, Savings, Loans, Domestic- & International Payments as well as support functions like Finance, Risk, Compliance, HRM. Played all kind of different roles within the ICT mostly in the boundaries of Business and ICT areas. Has been last 10 years mainly in Senior management positions. His management style is Servant Leadership

Email: Jaap Blom

Johan Capiau

Johan Capiau

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+31 20 7173704  ext 227

Mr. Ing. Johan Capiau

Domain: Project management ERP &
Document management processing

For 12 years Johan has worked in system integration implementations for companies while specializing in advanced document processing and ERP solutions.  Through his experience and practical attitude as an ingenieer he contributes with invaluable knowledge in finding solution tools to support the closed loop process approach in program and project management in a simple, easy yet enterprise focused way.

Email: Johan Capiau

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