Introducing the partners

Who are topITpartners?

topITpartners was founded in June 2007. TopITpartners felt the need to move program and project management to the next level of maturity. Basic thought behind this company is:

"It is a MUST to fulfill and deliver a job in a highly reliable way and with the highest performance and quality in a minimum time frame and with the lowest costs.

This thought is in line with their mission and they achieve their goals by three main stream approaches.

Approach of topITpartners

  • The first step is the closed loop process in which all critical program and project processes are tightly connected. In this step we collect reliable data we need for the second step.

  • The second step is to integrate stochastic statistics to make reliable estimations for business cases, task durations, deliverable dates, resource availability, risks and other important elements.
  • To create a consequent and a consistent single version of truth during the course of a program or project, there are strict procedures to follow. In these processes also attitudes in work will change from a passive, reactive style to a proactive style and the process involves therefore also a psychological people approach. This is the third step.

Expert partners working together

Expert knowledge support

Partners with expert knowledge support all parts of business domains. We have expanded our partners with a few excellent top managers in the domains of Strategy and tactics and IT governance and will continue to do so. Our focus is to create a team of expert partners specialised in essential business domains who can cover working together the whole area of business development.

Through this website we offer you also the possibility to contact these professionals directly by calling the general phone number of topITpartners using their specific extension numbers. 

Please, look on the contact tab for the appropriate managers direct call extension number to call somebody belonging to a specific domain.